Carpet flooring in Sacramento, CA from Tile Liquidators

Best carpet for high traffic areas

Choose the correct type of carpet, and it will have a long lifespan even in a high-traffic area of your home or business. Further, many of the best brands do more than tolerate a large amount of foot traffic. These brands also serve pet owners well, and in fact, some of the most rugged brands are backed by a pet-friendly warranty. Tile Liquidators offers carpet flooring that is perfect for busy residential and commercial spaces. Our carpet flooring store, which offers budget-friendly prices, can be found in five states: California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.


Nylon has been the most popular carpet fiber for many decades. Your carpet floors will retain their brand new look for many years when you choose this resilient fiber. Step on the carpet and the fibers bounce back when you move on. Remove heavy furniture or electronics, and once again, the carpet retains its original look. Triexta is a newer fiber that, like nylon, is resilient and stain- and abrasion-resistant.

Type of pile

Carpeting can have a loop pile or a cut pile. 'Pile' refers both to the density of the fibers and the length of the individual fibers. Simplified, carpet is made by looping fibers onto a backing. Manufacturers cut these fibers at the tips to create additional styles. In general, a loop pile is synonymous with a dense pile. Choose a short, loop pile carpet for high traffic areas. Dirt stays on top of this most durable carpet style, so it is easy to remove.

Tile Liquidators has showrooms in Sacramento, Folsom, Lincoln, and Fresno, California; Orem, Utah; Phoenix, Arizona; Reno, Nevada; and Houston, Texas. California residents who live in communities like Eldorado Hills, Roseville, and Granite Bay shop our showrooms. And Utah residents from the American Fork, Lehi, and Salt Lake City area visit our showroom in Orem. In addition, we have friendly and knowledgeable flooring specialists in all of our retail outlets who can help you get started with your carpet upgrade.