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Synthetic vs. natural carpet fibers

Carpet fibers are what make up the rug, and they affect performance, appearance, and longevity.? This will be the most critical decision you'll make is selecting a rug, so be sure to understand the traits of each so you can choose the right carpet flooring for your needs. You'll see two categories of fibers, naturals, and synthetics, in our carpet stores.

What makes a fiber natural or synthetic?

Natural fibers are made from plants, grass, animal fur, etc.? They are harvested and manufactured into fibers; an example would be wool, the most common natural rug.? Wool rugs have natural oils and microscopic scales that are barriers to dirt; however, these rugs are absorbent, so you'll need to treat spills immediately.? A wool carpet installation is a fire retardant and a natural humidifier, also absorbing moisture.

There are four most common synthetics, including nylon, known for superior strength, reliance, and stain resistance.? Polyester is hydrophobic, meaning that it won't absorb, so the stain resistance is inherent; it is, however, less resilient than nylon, making it better for moderately foot trafficked rooms.? Olefin (polypropylene) is budget-friendly and most often associated with the Berber (looped) style.? It has excellent stain resistance.? Triexta is relatively new but already taking the industry by storm.? It is strong and has permanent stain resistance built right into the fiber.

Which should you choose?

It comes down to your personal preference and how much value you place on specific characteristics.? Naturals are eco-friendly, but technology has made synthetics evolve. Some are made from recycled plastic bottles or corn products; they are also very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitting materials.? Synthetics tend to have more resistance to stains and, depending on style, can also be soft. Some, especially those with busy families, find synthetics easier to clean and more practical.

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