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Countertops are essential to your remodel, blending well with the right flooring and cabinetry. But they also provide excellent storage space, with a long lifespan and other benefits. The important thing is to get the fit between products and your requirements that complement each other best.

The good news is that there are plenty of choices to create the perfect surfaces in any kitchen or bathroom. And the best way to find your ideal match is by learning more about what's available. So, consider these facts as you pick your countertop surfaces.

Consider quartz countertops

Quartz countertops make a great countertop material for many good reasons. It offers a fantastic appearance that is uniform and mimics many other countertop materials. You'll find plenty of color choices to match any décor scheme you have in place.

It's also perfect for a durable surface that resists scratches, stains, bacteria, and mildew. So, it's not just a surface that works well in kitchen and bathroom environments. Instead, it's a surface that stands up to life as you know it.

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Granite could be your go-to countertop

As an all-natural material, granite countertops are fantastic for décor matching and so much more. It's durable enough to resist heat, stains, scratches, and chips, but it's also affordable and easy to reach.

Each piece of granite is unique, with patterns, colors, and designs that have no look-alikes. With so many benefits, it only makes sense that it also adds excellent value to your home. In addition, when installed by professionals, granite countertops can easily last more than 100 years.

To choose which material is better for your home, compare all their attributes to your specific list of requirements. One of these countertops is likely to serve you better than the other. And we're ready to help you find your perfect match.

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